Benjamin Millepied Quitting Paris Opera: Back To The US for Natalie & Family??

Seems Natalie’s husband Ben may be leaving his post @ Paris Opera Ballet, with rumours they could be heading back Stateside back to NY or LA, as yet it is only rumours at the moment…wait and see…

EDITIt has more or less been confirmed he is leaving, there is a press conference this afternoon to formally announce it, it may be a while before he actually leaves though as they will need to find his replacement, and he could actually stay on as a choreographer, so the family may stay in France after all…guess we’ll find out later

The press service of the National Opera Paris can not find the words to say the cataclysm that just fall on the Parisian institution. Amplified by an article in Paris Match, posted on the evening of February 3, the rumored that Benjamin Millepied leave his post as director of dance at the Paris Opera, he held since 1 st November 2014 . An extraordinary press conference of Stéphane Lissner, director of the Paris Opera, is to be held Thursday, February 4 at 15 am at the Palais Garnier. An hour earlier, a formal announcement will be made ​​with the dancers. “We learned as all the world through the press that Benjamin Millepied would leave the company, said the dancer Karl Paquette. But we sensed things for some time. “” The atmosphere was stormy since December and had not settled ” , adds the star Stéphane Bullion.
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No information was available on the exact causes of the possible departure of Benjamin Millepied. The choreographer was finalizing his new ballet The night ends , the music of Beethoven, whose creation was held on February 5, alongside a contemporary piece by Jérôme Bel and another of Jerome Robbins (1918-1998). The program will be on display until 20 February. The new 2016-2017 season, it should be presented on 10 February.

“Excellence, I expect to see for real”
Certainly, the rumor reported that the atmosphere was far from rosy in the company. The documentary Relay, dedicated to Millepied and rehearsals of his ballet Clear, Loud, Bright, Forward , project é November 25, 2015 premiere, then aired December 23 on Canal +, shocked some dancers. Benjamin Millepied assénait, among others, about the Ballet, one of the best troops in the world : “What is the excellence of the Opera exactly? I’m still not satisfied with the way it dance scene. Excellence, I expect to see it for real … ” He concluded that ” the company is not the best classical troupe but the best in contemporary dance . ”
On December 18, Le Figaro , Benjamin Millepied continued his criticism. To evoke the “Table of Shadows” in the ballet La Bayadère , showing the Opera Bastille from 17 November to 31 December, he said thus: “Being a dancer is to express, not to try to look at a pattern on wallpaper! ” He also pointed that in the troop, ” the real problem to solve is that of attendance over: five times a week, not two or three times, if not the body resists, gets hurt. ” He even recommended to young dancers “have an entrepreneurial sense of knowing finding funds or manage a career, with, for example, social networks …”

What stoke anger among the performers. “I was shocked by this devastating article by disrespect Benjamin Millepied vis-à-vis the company he completely denigrates says Karl Paquette. I dance for thirty years in the house, I love this Paris Opera, I have never felt as bad as me for six months. I also lived the end of this article as a potential announcement of his departure. ” In fact, Millepied said: ” If I can not here, I’ll do elsewhere. ”

“Dream,” “forgetting” and whirlpool
In the wake of these statements, Benjamin Millepied have had an “explanation” with the dancers of La Bayadère . Holding the reins of 154 interpreters is not an easy task. In recent months, the subjects of discussion and even controversy, were varied. Desire to break the hierarchy, which serves as the backbone for the company; valuation of its “dream team”, a small group of young dancers selected from the ballet; Conversely, ” omission” of stars, distributed little or relegated; unbolting the castings of General evening …
The color at the American Benjamin Millepied, former dancer of the New York City Ballet, she has struggled to take on the French palette? The “red tape”, mentioned in the documentary Polling , would they have been insurmountable? His bodyguard, who was to gather Clotilde Vayer and the prima ballerina Aurélie Dupont, was quickly undermined. The first has long been absent because of illness; the latter finally declined the ballet master station. Since Millepied had not officially reconstituted team but evoked the dancer Benjamin Pech as a leading contributor. As for his wife, actress Natalie Portman, who stated in the press that she did not feel safe in Paris, it would, according to France Info, for nothing in its decision.

When his appointment in January 2013, Benjamin Millepied overflowed with enthusiasm: “It’s a dream to lead a company like this” , he raved. His record to date is therefore: alongside Stéphane Lissner, it has implemented the 3 e Scene, ressources for the creation , and is entering into the coffers of the institution significant sums through sponsorship – more than 1 million euros in the only in September 2015. gala Since his first invitation to the Paris Opera, Benjamin Millepied, who did not let go the reins of his company lA Dance Project, based Los Angeles, created for the Paris troupe Amoveo (2006), Triad (2008), Daphnis and Chloe (2014) and Clear, Loud, Bright, Forward (2015).

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